An Electronic Music Box

So I had this funny idea that you could embed a music player into a wooden box with a song the person absolutely hates and when they open it the music would blast out at them until they closed the box.

Each time they opened it the same thing would happen.

My cousin and I planned on sending this to one of our friends disguised as a commemorative hockey puck to one of our friends with some Phil Collins “Easy Lover”, which I really like did but he couldn’t stand.

I started the process by finding a small MP3 player that had a start on power up feature.

I then went looking for some PC speakers with a built in amp and found one at a local thrift shop.

I removed the amplifier and looked up the datasheet for the supply voltage needed, I found out it could definitely run off a 9V battery so I sketched out a circuit that would control the amp power, detect the open box, and turn on the mp3 player and start playing.

After I sketched it up, I built the prototype circuit.

Here is a video of it working, forgive the sound, for some reason it came out really quiet on my old phone.

After testing, I packed it carefully into the false bottom of a box and disguised it.

It worked great!

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