A Skeleton with a Flexible Spine

This idea sprung from my experience with the various skeletons you can buy.

They are generally pretty stiff and inflexible so I decided it would be really neat to have a skeleton that could be pretty floppy.

The skeleton was going to have clothes on it so I could turn it into a zombie so the internal structure wasn’t going to be seen.

All the measurements of arm and leg length were made from human measurements the joints would be swivel joints so you could really ragdoll this guy.

The most interesting aspect of this idea was the idea I had for the spine.

You can see what I have done is designed a puck with five holes in it, each hole would have some sort of bungee material except the center one.

What this allows you to do is then install a non-bungee material line down the center one and when you tighten it the spine will stay however you have posed it.


This concept is the same as one of those little spring loaded dancing figures where when you press the button on the bottom they go limp and when you let it go they become stiff.

To make the spine I had an idea that you would stick five straws down the middle of a PVC pipe and fill the pipe with epoxy or some other type of filler that would solidify.

You would have to make brackets for the straws because they need to be aligned properly.

Then when everything was solidified you would cut up the segments like cutting bread up.

You would then assemble the segments with Tyvek or some other sort of low friction material between each segment, kind of like a real spine.




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