My Self-imposed senior project: A video game system.

Back in 2006 when I was graduating from my undergrad program I decided that I would like to make a video game system for a senior project. I wasn’t required to do a senior project but I thought it would be a good thing to do and present it to students. Dubbed “The Vulture”, this project changed quite a bit from start to finish and since I had only 3 months I had to make some tough choices. Originally I wanted to fit a small Linux distro on my system and run from that, but I ended up doing a bunch of scripting in dos as I could not get a quick boot from Linux. Also the hardware I ended up with was totally different, I originally bought 30 zero footprint computers form a surplus sale but ended up with a really small board made for kiosks. In the end the system could boot, recognize what disc was a game disc and of course play games. I only made one game for the system, Doom, and it worked great! Who knew I would eventually end up working on both the Xbox 360, Xbox One as well as Surface!

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