Projectors, Projectors, Projectors!

Since tearing down my home theater and parting ways with my beautiful CRT projector when I moved out of state. I began to think about projectors and though to myself, hey I only really dug deep into CRT projectors, I wonder what else is out there.

So I did what I do best and that is find every single book I could find on projectors and begin to read about all the different types of projectors and how they function both optically and electrically as well as blending multiple projectors. I read about the latest laser projection technologies and tracked down a theater to see it in person. Personally I am excited about laser projection because it brings us back towards what CRT did best and that was a great film quality and fantastic contrast ratio. If I build another theater I am so on board to find a broken laser projector from a theater and fix it.

During this time I also found a few projectors to tear into and ended up fixing several and either selling or giving them away.

One of the projectors I had to fix was a Dwin DLP projector to fix because I had a CRT projector made by them that I just could never fix, no matter how hard I tried.

This time I did not fail and even had to make a custom cable to get it working.

At first I used it to play movies and theme my office wall but then eventually turned it into a flight simulator when I found a scrap multiprocessing server. (I had a flight yoke and everything.) Office flight simulator!!

I played with projecting on objects and using video loops.

I also had pico projectors in my office.

For Halloween and Christmas I even had a projected fire complete with essential oils providing the smell of the fire.


Here is a video of my office during Halloween:


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